700TVL WDR IR Bullet Camera


  • 6 ㎜ (1/3 Type) Super HAD CCD II
  • 2.8 ~ 11 ㎜ Vari-focal Lens, F1.2
  • IR LED : 50 m, 32 ea
  • 650TVL @ Color / 700TVL @ B/W
  • 0 Lux (IR LED ON),0.0001 Lux(IR LED OFF)
  • 2D + 3D DNR,WDR,ICR Day & Night
  • 14 Privacy Zone Masking,Motion Detection (8 Zones)
  • RS-485, Coaxial Communication (BN/BP)

700TV Lines 700TV Lines

The world’s best resolution of 650 TV Lines(Color) / 700 TV Lines(B/W) is realized by combined technology of 3 Line filter, edge enhancement and 520K/610K sensor image.

700TV Lines

520k / 610k (NTSC/Pal) Pixel 520k / 610k (NTSC/Pal) Pixel

High resolution and sharpness can be maintained under strong light source.

520k / 610k (NTSC/Pal) Pixel


In dark environment, brighter and ghost free images can be obtained by using higher AGC and Image Synthesis Technology.


ICR Day & Night ICR Day & Night

When light falls down to a certain level, the camera switches to monochrome mode automatically.

ICR Day & Night


WDR allows the dark portions of a bright image to be shown clearly, thus enhancing details and removing noise.


0 Lux 0 Lux

With the high-performance IR LED attached, this system excels in low-light environments, allowing objects to be distinguished even in darkness using infrared rays.

0 Lux

IR Shooting(50m) IR Shooting(50m)

Making use of IR LED’s excellent performance, this product boastsup to 50meters of wide-reaching surveillance.
Furthermore, the highly durable LED provides a long lifespan and strong stability.

IR Shooting(50m)

IR Anti-Saturation IR Anti-Saturation

IR control optimization design compensates for surrounding dark areas as much as possible, and prevents saturation.

IR Anti-Saturation

Wide & Longer IR Coverage Wide & Longer IR Coverage

Measures a wide IR angle of view at low luminance to reduce dead spots and provides clear images for a long distance.

Wide & Longer IR Coverage

Motion Detection Motion Detection

Whenever the scene is changed by motion, we automatically detect and display the position of movement with mask.

Motion Detection

Privacy Zone Masking Privacy Zone Masking

By setting the privacy zones, it is possible to prevent the violation of one’s privacy as you monitor the interior or exterior of a building.

Privacy Zone Masking

Coaxial Communication Coaxial Communication

Using a coaxial cable, it can transmit video and control signal.

Coaxial Communication

IP66 IP66

A cover protects the camera from external harms, especially from impacts due to any drastic change in temperature or humidity.


Low Power Consumption Low Power Consumption

XDI-V helps low power consumption compared to conventional through application of high performance & low power DSP and high-efficiency power module.

Low Power Consumption
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